What We Do

For cell site owners, our focus is to provide peace of mind in knowing their asset is generating the highest possible return on their investment, while encouraging growth and expansion. These services include:

Tower Ownership and Development

Our hands-on approach consistently delivers
Having been engaged in the build and lease out of communications towers primarily in Florida and Georgia for many years, we are well positioned to deliver on the entire tower development process from identifying and leasing a parcel of land, to the zoning and building of the tower. Our hands-on approach allows the Bebo team to help build and manage the highest quality assets in the industry. Our focus is to build a tower which meets the needs of several wireless carriers.
To survive in today’s competitive wireless marketplace, carriers need to locate antennas and equipment in hard to zone locations. Our team has the solutions and our proprietary process gets towers built in difficult to zone locations.

Cell Site Management

Generate the most from your assets
Commercial property owners traditionally take a reactive approach to wireless leases. By engaging with our team to manage and market a commercial property for wireless leases you are truly maximizing its profit potential.
An often missed opportunity are rooftops, or existing vertical. Rooftops provide an efficient solution to help carriers deploy their networks. The height and location are already in place. A rooftop lease provides additional revenue to building owners, beyond their typical business model.

Lease Optimization

We have completed over $70 million worth of lease optimization deals on over 600 leases.
Although each lease optimization deal is different, they all share one common goal, generating the most out of the existing asset. Our extensive experience allows the Bebo team to focus on the strength of an asset, revenue generation. We can closely focus on a multiple site portfolio, or one lease, and deliver significant results.

Site Brokerage Services

Understanding the value and potential of an asset is key to a successful sale
Bebo actively delves into each site of a portfolio to ensure the most is generated from each asset. This in-depth involvement is not found anywhere else in the industry. Having extensive experience working in a mergers and acquisitions department of a major tower owner, our team has the knowledge needed to ensure an efficient sale while generating the highest price for the assets.